Summer Reading Challenge 2024

June 1 - August 5

What's the challenge?

Read for 30 days between Saturday, June 1 and Monday, August 5. You can read whatever you want — audiobooks, eBooks, magazines, read to others, or be read to — it all counts!

Earn Activity Badges throughout the summer and get extra grand prize tickets.

Are there prizes?

Yes! When you register for the challenge, you'll receive a free T-shirt (while supplies last). Log your days read to be entered into weekly gift card drawings. Complete the challenge, and you can pick up a free book. Finally, submit your ticket(s) for the grand prize drawings!

SRC 20024 Registration Prize GAPL
_FINAL SRC 2024 Registration Prize GAPL

Grand Prizes

Adult Teen Huffy #1
Adult Teen Book of Month #2
Adult Teen Turntable #4
Adult Teen Spotify #3
Youth Karaoke #3
Youth Lego #4
Youth Fischer Price #1
Youth Telescope #2

Challenge PRIZES

SRC 2024 Weekly Giftcard Giveaway GAPL
SRC 2024 Completion Prize

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