Scott J. Landy

Scott Landy, Trustee


Scott J. Landy

What is your favorite book/author and why?
There are so many to choose from… I guess my favorite book is Dune by Frank Herbert. The story has so many layers that every time I read it I get something else out of it. On one hand it’s a science fiction story about man-kind’s future galactic civilization made possible by faster-than life travel, but at the same time it is an anti-technology story filled with controlled breeding and political intrigue where the power of the human mind trumps technology.   

How long have you been a member of our community?  What’s your favorite thing to do in Grayslake?
We have lived in Grayslake since 2000.  This community has so many wonderful things, but I think my favorite thing (other than the library of course) is just the fact that this community still has a small town feel. 

What’s your educational background?
Although I grew up in the Boston suburbs, I actually went to the University of Chicago where I got a joint degree: a B.A. from The College of the University of Chicago in Business/Economics and an M.B.A. in Marketing from what is now the Booth School of Business (formerly The University of Chicago Graduate School of Business). 

Who is in your family?
My wife, Kaila and daughter, Ellie.

Fun fact
The reason that I became a trustee is that I pretty much grew up in libraries.  From weekly trips to the local library to check out a carton full of books, to spending many after school hours in the local college library as my mom took classes to become a librarian herself, a significant portion of my childhood was spent “in the stacks.”