Remote Printing

During Curbside Pickup you can submit print requests through the button below.

Do Not use PrinterOn.


1. Click the “PrinterOn button” above, after you have read the instructions.

2. The link goes to the PrinterOn website (please allow pop-ups). If the pop-up window doesn’t automatically open click “Click here to print now!”

3. Select your printer. Either leave the default Black and White printer selected or select the Color printer from the drop-down menu, then click “Use this printer” button.

4. In the first box, click the “Browse” button to locate the file you wish to print or enter an accessible web address, i.e. Your file must be saved somewhere first.

5. In the second box enter an easily identifiable name to locate the print job at the Print Release Station at the library.

6. Click “Next.” (Be patient it might take a couple of minutes to process.)

7. Add more documents if needed, or review the page count and cost; when satisfied, click the “Print” button.

8. Go to the Print Release Station at the library to print out your jobs.


Can I send print jobs at any time? How long will a print job be available at the library?

Access to the printers and print release station is only allowed during the library’s normal operating hours. Print jobs submitted to the queue will only be held for two hours upon submission before the print server will discard them. The Library’s staff cannot release jobs for you over the phone; you must come into the library to release your own jobs during normal operating hours. We cannot be held responsible for discarded jobs or jobs submitted outside of normal operating hours that are then unavailable upon arrival.

How does this work?

We have employed a service that allows the end-user to submit print jobs to a secure server, which will then send it to our Print Release Station at the library. The process involves uploading a document, picture, or web address.

What does it cost?

Normal printing costs apply, 10¢ per page of black and white or 25¢ per page of color.  We accept cash, coins, and credit cards.  We only accept credit card charges up to $6.00 per transaction.  Please break-up your submissions if you will need to pay with a credit card that will total more than $6.00.

Are there any limitations?

Most files should be able to be submitted very easily. For certain websites requiring user identification, the service may not be able to log into your account to retrieve the desired item (i.e. most email sites such as hotmail, yahoo, or gmail). To print these items you can copy and paste the information to another application (i.e. Word or Notepad), save the document, and submit the file to be printed. It’s a good idea to always use “print preview” to ensure you’ll be printing everything you need.

A Couple of Printing Tips:

  • Some web pages do not print correctly or at all; try using “print preview” in the browser to see what the expected outcome is to be. Text cut off on the right might be corrected by printing in landscape orientation.
  • Email and other pages behind an authentication mechanism can be copied and pasted to a word processing program or text editor, saved and printed that way.