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Need some help with your homework? Use the links below to access reliable online information made especially for kids and their teachers and parents.

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Grades 3-8:


Britannica Library. ChildrenAn encyclopedia for primary grades, includes a world atlas, primary source documents, images and videos, and biographies.

Primary Search - Explora — Primary Search is a full-text database of carefully curated content for elementary students. It includes full text for the most popular children's magazines, e-books, and easy-to-read encyclopedic entries written specifically for kids.

ScienceFlix  For students in grades 4-9 interested in learning more about science. It includes topics ​such as earth science, life science, space, health, technology, and more. You’ll also find science experiments​, information on careers in science, and the latest science news.

Grades 6-12:

Academic Search Premier — Read full-text, indexed, and abstracted journals on a wide range of academic subjects.

Biography Reference Center  A biographical database offers in-depth profiles and provides full-text articles, images, and abstracts from today’s leading magazines and journals.

Britannica Library. Young Adults  For middle and high schoolers, includes primary source documents and historical highlights among search results.

History Reference Center  Contains thousands of reliable resources — including primary source documents, biographies, photos, maps, and videos — to help you complete your research.

Literary Reference Center  Your go-to resource for reliable information on thousands of writers and their works. Includes biographies, essays, literary criticism, interviews, short stories, classic novels, poems, plot summaries, reviews, and more.

MasterFILE Premier — Access full-text general interest magazines, reference books, and primary source documents.

Middle Search Plus – Explora  Learn about a variety of subjects for Middle School students. Perfect for Homework Help.

Points of View Reference Center — Contains resources that present multiple sides of an issue. This database provides rich content that can help students assess and develop persuasive arguments and essays, better understand controversial issues and develop analytical thinking skills.


Fiction & Nonfiction Video Storybooks

Tumble Book LibraryAnimated Talking Picture Books

HooplaeAudiobooks, eBooks, eMusic, eVideos


eAudiobooks & eBooks

LOTE 4 Kids2000+ digital picture books in 50+ languages