We are excited to announce that we have joined the national movement to stop charging overdue fines. The Board of Trustees has approved waiving all outstanding late fines and to eliminate the policy of assessing per day late fines for most materials. Certain high-demand items such as telescopes, Chromebooks, virtual reality kits, and GoPros which once overdue will still accrue daily fines.

While we will no longer charge overdue fines on materials, due dates still apply. You are still responsible for honoring the due date or renewing the item. When you return items on time, it lets your neighbors borrow items sooner. The fine free policy only applies to overdue fines; charges will be issued for any lost or damaged items.

Although you will no longer be charged an overdue fine, after an item is two weeks overdue, your account will be blocked from any further checkouts until you return the item. The account block includes checking out items at the desk and self-check, as well as access our digital downloads and databases.

Being a fine free library removes barriers and helps us provide a more equitable experience for all of the people in our community. One of our strategic plan goals is to “increase the use of the library among non- and infrequent users” and we feel that going fine free helps us achieve this goal.