The library provides a wireless network that allows people with Wi-Fi capability on their laptops and other mobile devices to access the Internet using the library’s connection for free. You can also print to library printers and access library databases.

Connecting to the Library’s wireless network for Internet access:

  • The Library’s wireless access point currently supports the 802.11b/g standard.
  • The wireless access point’s SSID is GAPLD.
  • Authentication is set to open.
  • Encryption is disabled Due to “spamming” issues and liabilities, email will only be accessible via web pages (HTML based), both incoming and outgoing. Standard mail client or servers will not be able to utilize mail transfers through this access point.
  • In accordance with the Library’s Board of Trustees policies, all Internet traffic is filtered. Sites of an obscene nature, chat, games, illegal activity and others are blocked.