Anime & Manga Club


Anime Club is open to anyone in grades 7-12. We meet the 2nd Wednesday of every month from 5:30-7 pm. Come to discuss your favorite Manga or binge watch some Anime and don’t forget to bring a fellow otaku!

Have an idea for an upcoming meeting?  Submit your idea here. (Coming Soon!)

Is there an anime or manga title the library doesn’t own that you would like to see added to our collection?  Let us know by clicking here.  (Coming Soon!)

New Anime at the Grayslake Public Library

Anime Links

Anime News Network
This site provides detailed coverage to anime and manga, including breaking news, reviews, editorials, convention coverage, web site reviews, and fan forums. Updated daily.

Watch Anime (Legally!) Online:

There’s a lot of anime out there in the world so let’s make it easy for you to find a way to watch it somehow.

The largest distributor of officially licensed, legally streaming anime, with over 25,000 episodes.

Funimation free streaming shows.

Read Manga (Legally!) Online:

Read manga series online for free.


T.H.E.M. Anime Reviews
Detailed and opinionated critical reviews plus web forums for discussing anime.

Goodreads List of Top Anime

Learn More About Anime

Absolute Anime
Hundreds of anime profiles, each containing information about anime characters, movies, OAV (Originally Animated for Video) series, and TV shows. There is also a section dedicated to anime that has been shown on U.S. television.

Anime News Network
News, anime episodes, feature articles and commentary.

No Flying, No Tights
Reviews of all kinds of graphic novels, including manga.

Otaku USA Magazine
Official website of Otaku USA magazine covering manga, anime, video games and Japanese pop culture written from an American point of view. (Don’t miss the print issues we keep in the Vault magazine rack, too!)

Want to Learn Japanese?

Genki Japanese
Learn Japanese in a fun, genki way.

Cool Japanese Phrases
Everyday words you hear when watching anime.

Japanese Anime and Manga
Choose characters in the line-up to hear the same phrase in different speaking styles.

Manga Publishers:

Find out the latest series that have been licensed for publication, read creator interviews, and more! You can even read some manga chapters online, totally free and legally.

Kodansha Comics

One Peace Books

Shonen Jump (weekly digital releases, same day as Japan!)

VIZ Media (also translates and releases anime.)

Yen Press

Other Links of Interest:

How to Draw Manga
Manga Series
Tokyo Pop