3D Printing

Explore the wonderful world of 3D printing and have your 3D designs printed on the library’s Bambu Lab P1P 3D Printer! Submit a print request by completing the form on this page. Anyone who has a valid public library card entered in our system can submit 3D print requests. 

Print requests will be completed in the order received and as time allows; you will be notified via email when your job is ready to pick up!

For help getting started, refer to the Design Resources section below or contact us!

Know Before You Submit

  • The cost is 10 cents per gram of filament used, which should be paid once the print is complete.
  • Files should be in STL or OBJ format.
  • Designs are printed using one selected PLA filament, which is a biodegradable plastic from plant-based sources. Choose from our list of available filament colors, or choose “Surprise Me” for a random color choice!
  • 3D print designs must be smaller than 250 × 250 × 250 millimeters (9.84 x 9.84 x 9.84 inches) and cannot take more than 10 hours to print.
  • All print requests must abide by the Acceptable Use of The Hub policy and the library reserves the right to disapprove 3D print requests due to violation of the policy or equipment limitations.

Design Resources


  • 3D design tool
  • Web-based, no need to download software
  • Perfect for beginners and includes lessons and short tutorials on available features


  • Offers free designs from an online community for 3D printing
  • Search by keyword or browse collections and categories

Request a One-on-One Appointment to learn more about what our 3D printers can do, and how you can find or make files to request!

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